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From start to finish, Expo Display Studio, a stand building company in Europe offers a complete service for renting exhibition stands. We make the exhibition stand rental in UK, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands, and all over Europe hassle-free. We ensure that with our rental stands you have peace of mind. You can explore our already designed exhibition stands and choose the one that fits your brand and budget.

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Explore our showcase and discover a world of possibilities for your exhibition stand design needs. At Expo Display Studio, we take pride in offering an exquisite range of exhibition stand displays available for both rent and purchase. Whether you're planning to make a statement at an exhibition, corporate event, or any promotional occasion, we are your solution. Our exhibition stand displays are designed to elevate your brand presence. From sleek, minimalist designs to custom, eye-catching creations, we cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Explore our rental stands showcase today and embark on a journey to redefine your brand's presence in the world of exhibitions.



Your trade show success begins with our 12x10 stands. We're your trusted partner, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned exhibitor. Count on our skilled team, supported by in-house manufacturing and printing, to transform your ideas into reality. Choose from over 700+ display ideas to ignite your imagination.

Our Work
Approach We Follow for Rental Exhibition Stands

Select a Design That Suits Your Needs

Our rental exhibition stand company in Europe meet with you to understand your goals and budget. Within Europe, we are based at Frankfurt, Paris, London, Berlin, Cannes, Barcelona, and more. Depending on the size of your exhibition stand at the show, we present you with various rental exhibition stand design options. If you find one you like, experts at our exhibition stand contractor company in Europe will explain what can be customised and what can't. Any agreed-upon changes to the design will be jotted down and passed on to the creative bunch of our exhibition stand design builders in Europe.

Give the Nod to Your Bespoke Look

Our decade long experience helps us provide you with the exhibition experience. From installing your rental exhibition booth to dismantling it, Expo Display Studio is the name for you. We'll collect your brand details and align them with the chosen stand for rent. Your key visuals will then be brought to life by our team of experts in graphic form. You'll have the chance to review 3D renderings of the modular exhibition stand rental. We understand that nobody knows your brand the way you do, so we're all ears for as many tweaks as you fancy to meet your goals.

Watch the Design Come to Life

The grand plan gets underway. Graphics are sorted, and the rental stand design is fine-tuned at our exhibition stand manufacturing facility in Europe to match the agreed-upon custom look. Expo Display Studio assembles your rental stand display for a final check. You are welcome to visit and inspect your rental exhibition stand before it's shipped. Alternatively, we can provide pictures from all angles, so you get a clear picture of the final rental stand. We believe your rental stand must be a clear reflection of your brand. Expo Display Studio ensures your brand is the highlight of the exhibition event.

Leave the Legwork to Us

Our exhibition stand building company in Europe will ship your rental stand to the city of the exhibition event. Our storage services come handy in this situation. We keep your rental stand in our warehouse until the big day. On the day, we transport the rental stand to the venue and assemble it. All you need to do is be there with your team to deliver a top-notch presentation. After the show wraps up, our team of the rental exhibition stand company dismantles the rental stand and wheels it back to our storage facility. So, no hassles on your part!

Decide on the Next Steps and Close the Project

The great thing about rental stands is you are able to use it time and again. When you plan to use the rental exhibition stand again, we can store it in the warehouse. Our exhibition stand building company in Europe takes the utmost care of your rental stands. If you decide on a different design for your next event, we'll take it down and officially close the project. Expo Display Studio works hard for the success of your brand with our rental exhibition stand services. Our rental stands company takes feedback seriously and uses it to keep our services tip-top.

What Distinguishes Us as the Best Rental Exhibition Stand Company in Europe

Be the utmost source of trust and reliability for exhibitions.

Expo Display Studio is your premier destination for rental exhibition stand displays. Our rental stand collection boasts a spectrum of designs that cater to every industry and event size. We ensure your brand shines on any stage all across Europe. From our eco-friendly solutions to awe-inspiring creations, our rental stands are crafted with attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or convey a refined elegance, Expo Display Studio empowers you to shape your exhibition space precisely as you envision it.

We provide you with a multitude of compelling reasons to collaborate with our exhibition stand manufacturing company all over Europe for your forthcoming exhibition stand rentals.

Our rental exhibition stands represent a smart, one-off investment thanks to our exceptional versatility, reusability, durability, and expandability. When you engage with Expo Display Studio, Europe's top exhibition stand construction company, you're on the path to success. There's no requirement to procure a new exhibition stand design for each event you host. With us, you have the option of using our rental exhibition stand services. Our rental stands provide you the opportunity to utilize the same stand on multiple occasions. Our rental exhibition stands guarantee a substantial return on your investment.

Ready to get started? Join forces with the premier exhibition stand supplier in Europe.

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