Shipping, Installation, and Dismantling

Exhibition Stand Shipping, Installation, and Dismantling

We take care of your exhibition needs from A to Z!

Expo Display Studio is your one-stop solution for everything at the trade show booth. When you reach out to us for your exhibition installation, you can rest assured. Our booth installation services are top-notch and so is its deliverance to you. Shipping trade show booths is an intricate task and we are willing to heave it on our shoulders. We are all-rounder in terms of an excellent trade show booth experience. 

At Expo Display Studio, we don't just stop at designing and manufacturing exhibition stand displays. We go the extra mile with our top-notch exhibition stand shipping, installation, and dismantling services. We understand the amount of thought process that goes into a successful trade show booth execution. Therefore, our exhibition installation services are there to ease your mind. We make sure that you remain stress-free during your exhibition installation. We do the heavy work so that you can focus on your brand’s marketing. 

After your booth is perfected by our team, consulting yours, the journey of it begins to the event. We know the amount of work that has been put into building your booth, so we remain cautious throughout. We prioritise sustainability. The more we can be environment friendly, the higher we pursue those options. With us, you can rest assured knowing your exhibition installation has minimal adverse effects on the environment. Your booth shipping is executed safely, for you and the environment.

Our exhibition stand design and installation makes your life easier. Your booth materials are carefully packed and loaded safely, so there is no chance of things going south. Our booth shipping process is highly meticulous. We are checking to ensure everything is right in every step of the way. We make sure that your booth reaches before time on the venue. This gives us ample time for booth installation before the event doors open. Our dedicated team does your booth installation. Our detailed inventory helps us place your materials as demonstrated in the pre-assembly. With Expo Display Studio, your booth installation looks exactly like your vision. Our exhibition stand design and installation services resonate with our commitment to serve you the best. 

After your show is done, we are there for its dismantling too. As was your exhibition installation smooth, so will its dismantling be. We ensure that every material is packed and loaded as carefully as it arrived. Our promise to be there with you till the end is fulfilled with our booth dismantling services. As per your plan, we either ship to your location or to one of our storage facilities. Shipping trade show booth after dismantling is as crucial as its shipment to the exhibition.

We plan ahead for your trade show event. We schedule your delivery requirements with an adequate amount of margin. Time is of the essence and we make sure that you get your things before time. Our streamlined process helps in a smooth deliverance. In any business, communication is key. We make sure to communicate every detail, back and forth, so that nothing is misunderstood. Everything remains on track with this meticulous process. You can rest assured knowing that your booth installation will be orderly and on time.

Picture this: You've got an exhibition stand display that's ready to steal the show, but the last thing you want is the hassle of setting it up or tearing it down after a successful event. That's where Expo Display Studio steps in. Our well-executed trade show shipping strategy takes care of the nitty-gritty. Our dedicated team ensures a successful booth installation. We make sure our exhibition installation and booth experience leave a lasting impression. We make a successful booth installation so you focus on wowing the audience with the charm of your brand.

OUR ' Shipping, Installation, and Dismantling ' WORK

Stand Shipment

The dedicated logistics team at our exhibition stand builder company in Europe takes charge of ensuring a safe exhibition installation and its associated elements. It includes graphics, furniture, and equipment, arriving at the exhibition venue correctly and well in advance. We make use of top-notch vehicles for shipping trade show booths. Our team excels in safe transportation practices. We make sure all the requirements for your exhibition installation reaches the venue in excellent condition. Rest assured; we prioritise the protection of your stand elements. We guarantee our materials remain in perfect condition during the exhibition installation and throughout the event.

Stand Setup

With our expertise and creative flair in the stand-building industry, we possess the capability to bring your vision to life. Your exhibition installation looks the same as depicted in 3D graphics and concept documents. As the leading stand constructor company in Europe, we carefully manage every aspect. Your booth installation includes a proper setup with stand materials, graphics, and furniture, as promised. We go to great lengths to offer a seamless and trouble-free exhibition installation of your modular and custom exhibition stand displays. All left to you is to concentrate on your marketing. Let your brand fly high with EDS. 

Stand Dismantling

Our experienced team will efficiently dismantle your stand. We carefully pack and prepare all elements for transportation. We understand that the end of an exhibition is a hectic time, and that's why we take the load off your shoulders. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free dismantling process. Whether your next destination is another European city or a global place, our services are the ones you need. You wouldn’t have to worry about the location. Just tell us, and we’ll be there for you on time. We will ensure your stand is dismantled, packed, and ready for its next stunning appearance.

What Makes Us Stand Out?
Setting new standards in exhibition stand shipping, installation, and dismantling.
Cost-efficient Packages
Our cost-efficient exhibition stand display packages keep your budget smiling. We respect your budget. We ensure that you get the value for every penny spent. There is no hidden scheming in our services and charging. We provide the best services. You get financial peace of mind by collaborating with us.
Tailored for Every Venue
We understand that all exhibition venues aren’t the same. Our adaptable approach ensures your stand design materials are transported safely to each location. We build our custom and modular booths with ease of transportation in check. This makes your exhibition installation stress-free. Our optimal services make trade show life easy.
Smooth Transitions
Expo Display Studio has over 25 years of experience in the trade show business. Our expertise ensures seamless transitions from shipping to installation and, eventually, dismantling. We ensure handling every part of your exhibition event cautiously. Your stand will arrive on schedule, dazzle your audience, and depart without a hitch.
Competent Team
Our success story begins and ends with our skilled and dedicated team of exhibition stand contractors. We are located in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and all the major European hubs. Each member of Expo Display Studio, from logistics experts to installation, is hand-picked for their commitment to excellence.
Hands-on Support

Navigating the intricacies of exhibition stand shipping, installation, and dismantling can be overwhelming. This is where our decades of experience come to play. Our team is not just a service provider, we are your partners in success. From the creation to the booth installation and dismantling, we walk with you.

A Global Family
We are not just a service provider; we are a global family. Our network spans across Europe, USA, Asia, and beyond. Wherever your exhibition takes you, we stand with you. Our exhibition stand manufacturing company ensures your stand materials arrive safely. Expo Display Studio is with you, now and forever.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we do! Your stand materials are in safe and expert care at every step of the way from our warehouse to the exhibition venue. Our modular and custom stand display building company in Europe maintains a dedicated fleet of vehicles to guarantee that your stand is consistently entrusted to the capable and professional hands that oversee its journey.

Yes, you can! We provide real-time tracing services, letting you keep an eye on your shipment every step of the way, from the moment it leaves our workshop to its arrival at your mentioned exhibition venue. This transparency ensures that you are always informed and can plan your exhibiting event without any hassle.

After the exhibition, our team efficiently dismantles your modular exhibition stand display, pack everything up, and store it (only if you want us to do that) for your next event. However, if you would rather have your materials back in your hands, we’ve got that covered too. The team at our exhibition stand company in Europe can arrange for a swift and secure return of your exhibition stand elements to your desired location.

Our exhibition stand display shipping process is designed for convenience. We handle the logistics, ensuring your exhibition stand is safely transported to your chosen venue, whether it's in Germany, UK, Italy, France, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Romania, or anywhere across Europe. Not only that, we deal in global shipping too. We use efficient and eco-friendly methods to make sure everything arrives on time and intact.

Certainly! We have a rich portfolio of successful exhibitions we've handled across Europe and on the global stage. We can provide references upon request, so you can see the quality and professionalism of the exhibition stand builder services offered by our exhibition stand contractor company in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Cannes, and other European exhibition regions. To contact one of our team members, call us, shoot an email, or fill out the contact form with the questions that need to be answered.

Our cost structure is tailored to the specific needs of your exhibition project. It depends on factors like the size of your custom and modular exhibition stand, the destination, and any additional services you require. We'll provide you with a transparent and competitive quote during the consultation phase, ensuring there are no last-minute surprises along the way.

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