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Expo Display Studio — synonymous with your brand's grand success is the name you must recall to get the best trade show experience. At this exhibition stand builder company, we understand the uniqueness of your brand. Therefore, we create exhibition stands that reflect your one-of-a-kind brand. Our exhibition stand builders company ensures your exhibition stand design is the visual epitome of your brand.

If you are pursuing the growth of your brand, Expo Display Studio brings you the perfect solution. A hybrid exhibition stand is the ideal display option for your exhibition stand. Our hybrid stands are the perfect way to raise your brand awareness at the trade show. But what are hybrid exhibition stands? Hybrid exhibition stands are customised pre-designed exhibition stands that capture the best audience attention when built by Expo Display Studio.

With the growth of the exhibition industry, the need for sustainability arises. A hybrid exhibition stand becomes the perfect choice in this regard. A hybrid stand offers a unique solution for the growth of your brand. And we ensure that your brand is centre of all the attention at the venue. Expo Display Studio lets you get the most out of your hybrid stand. With a rich heritage as a global hybrid stand builder company, we can offer insights for your brand to shine the brightest in the exhibition venue. We are based all over Europe, including Albania, Austria, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, and more. 

Wherever your exhibition venue is, we are right with you. With our meticulously designed hybrid exhibition stand, you witness an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Expo Display Studio creates spectacular exhibition stand designs that perfectly reflect your unique brand identity.

Explore Our Exclusive Range of Custom Exhibition Stand Designs

Explore our expansive assortment of hybrid stands across Europe. Witness the power and versatility of our hybrid stand for your brand. Expo Display Studio ensures that your hybrid stand accommodates different layouts and show formats. Our experienced team of exhibition stand designers ensures that your hybrid stand is applicable across a multitude of industries and exhibition styles. Enter the world of our hybrid stands and visualise your brand’s growth. Partner up with Expo Display Studio to make your exhibition goals a reality.



Your trade show success begins with our 6x6 stands. We're your trusted partner, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned exhibitor. Count on our skilled team, supported by in-house manufacturing and printing, to transform your ideas into reality. Choose from over 700+ display ideas to ignite your imagination.



Chart a course for trade show triumph with our 5x3 stands at the helm. Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced exhibitor, we stand by your side as a reliable partner. Rely on our skilled team, complemented by in-house manufacturing and printing, to breathe life into your concepts.



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Kickstart your trade show success with our 9x9 stands, designed to be the cornerstone of your exhibit. Whether you're new to the scene or a seasoned participant, rely on our expert team and our in-house manufacturing and printing capabilities to materialize your creative visions.



Ensure your trade show triumph with our 7x7 stands as the foundation. Regardless of your experience level as an exhibitor, we stand by you as your dependable partner. Let our adept team, supported by in-house manufacturing and printing, translate your ideas into tangible results.



Elevate your trade show experience by starting with our 8x8 stands. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned exhibitor, we're your trusted partner. Our skilled team, equipped with in-house manufacturing and printing facilities, is ready to turn your visions into reality.



Embark on a successful trade show journey with our 10x6 stands, where we serve as your reliable ally, catering to both newcomers and experienced exhibitors alike. Rely on our proficient team, backed by in-house manufacturing and printing capabilities, to bring your concepts to life.



Begin your trade show journey on a high note with our 6x15 stands. Regardless of your level of experience, we're your committed partner. Trust our skilled team, backed by in-house manufacturing and printing, to materialize your imaginative concepts.

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Why Choosing Expo Display Studio is the Perfect Decision


Your hybrid stands are custom-built and designed to reflect your brand's personality and message. Our team ensures a flowing conversation with your team so that your hybrid exhibition stand mirrors the best image of your brand. Every detail, from layout to aesthetics, is crafted with your brand’s uniqueness in mind. 
Your hybrid exhibition stand is tailor-made to suit your brand’s image. It is visually striking reflecting every element of your brand. Your hybrid stand is a blend of creativity with functionality. At Expo Display Studio, your hybrid stand is built to leave lasting impressions on your clients.
Our collection of hybrid exhibition stands in Germany, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Poland, and all across Europe and beyond are designed by industry experts. We ensure the design of your hybrid exhibition stand caters to an array of industry requirements, covering your brand’s needs whilst catching attention.
Your hybrid stand manufacturing team, at Expo Display Studio is armed with the latest technology. We ensure that your hybrid stand is built to perfection, using the highest quality of raw materials to build your hybrid stand achieve the highest standard. You see the quality that shines through every element.
With a global footprint, we offer hybrid stand displays that make your brand steal the spotlight on any stage. Wherever your event takes you, you will find Expo Display Studio is at your service. We’re available, from Europe to the US, Asia, and worldwide to make your hybrid stand the standard!
We are a leading exhibition stand constructor company in Europe. In addition to on-point exhibition designs, we take pride in our commitment to punctuality. Your custom exhibition stand design will be ready to astound your audience precisely when you need it. With Expo Display Studio, you find total brand solutions!


Experience the future exhibiting with Expo Display Studio

Our hybrid stands are carefully designed so you to experience a prosperous future of your brand through your exhibition stand. We build you a hybrid stand that can be swiftly assembled. We provide exceptional hybrid stands that are stunning to look at being eco-friendly. Your hybrid stands are built to withstand multiple uses. We understand the demand for an element of newness at every exhibition. Therefore, we design your hybrid stands with versatility in mind. Your hybrid exhibition stand is customisable, making it suitable for various applications across various industries. Whether you require expansive screens or exclusive meeting spaces, Expo Display Studio is the company provides for your brand with hybrid stands. Whether you need innovative or custom hybrid stands, we are your solution. Our services are all across Europe, from Frankfurt, Berlin, Cannes, Paris, London, and Amsterdam to all major European hubs.

Expo Display Studio also offers a comprehensive full-service service to meet your brand’s needs. Our services encompass everything that your brand needs for a successful exhibition show. We have been with you since the design of your hybrid stand, its installation, and finally its dismantling. When you choose us, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of your hybrid exhibition stand and the warehousing of hybrid stands between exhibition shows. Our widespread service not only reassures your concerns of the movement of your hybrid stands, but you can also bank on our experiential marketing and brand activation. We are called a total brand’s solution for a reason.  We ensure you save costs but also valuable time at every step. With us, you can focus on your core business during every exhibition. Expo Display Studio ensures that your overall exhibiting experience attracts and engages your audience into clients.

Being in the industry for a decade, we are experts in elevating your brand’s reputation with our hybrid stands. Our exceptional offerings and continuous constant contact with you make us stand apart from the rest. When you choose us, you are assured that your hybrid stand is built understanding the demands of the market. Expo Display Studio ensures you can choose your hybrid stands from a variety of designs customised to reflect the best version of your brand. You can stay comfortable as we know what measures to take for your brand to succeed at the trade show. We are right beside you from the beginning to the end. Your hybrid stand maximises your brand’s growth and builds connections with Expo Display Studio.

Are you ready to connect with your digital and physical audience with your hybrid exhibition stand? Contact us to craft excellence together. Expand your brand with Expo Display Studio!

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