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At Expo Display Studio, we understand the profound impact a well-crafted custom stand design can have on your brand's presence. We are the best custom exhibition stand designers in Europe, and we make your custom stands reflect your brand's persona. Our custom exhibition stands are built to your precise requirements. Custom stands are the most in-demand trade show booth designs, and you get the best custom exhibition stands with Expo Display Studio. Our exclusive custom exhibition stand displays in Europe are more than showcases. They are meticulously custom-built exhibition stands that leave an unforgettable impression on your audience. With a rich heritage as one of Europe's best custom exhibition stand contractors, we are here to visualise your visions. You can find us all over Europe, from Albania, Austria, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, to Poland. We create spectacular custom exhibition stand designs that perfectly reflect your unique brand identity. Our custom exhibition stand displays can be adapted to various layouts, allowing you to utilise the same materials for multiple events. When showcasing at trade shows in Europe, reach out to Expo Display Studio for the best custom exhibition stands that uplift your brand's reputation, increasing the footfall towards your brand.

Explore Our Exclusive Range of Custom Exhibition Stand Designs

Explore our expansive assortment of custom stands in Germany, Italy, and across Europe. Witness our remarkable versatility in accommodating your custom stand design to different layouts and show formats. Our team of seasoned exhibition stand designers in Europe thoughtfully curate these designs to ensure their applicability across a multitude of industries and exhibition styles.



Your trade show success begins with our 12x10 stands. We're your trusted partner, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned exhibitor. Count on our skilled team, supported by in-house manufacturing and printing, to transform your ideas into reality. Choose from over 700+ display ideas to ignite your imagination.

Our Work
Why Choosing Expo Display Studio is the Perfect Decision
You’ve got a vision? We’ll make it live in front of you.
Custom Stand Designs
Our custom exhibition stands are designed to reflect your brand's personality and message. Every detail, from layout to aesthetics, is crafted with your unique vision in mind. Expo Display Studio ensures your custom stands are made to attract potential clients. Our custom stand designs are built with your brand requirements in mind. Partnering with Expo Display Studio for your next trade show display gets you the best custom exhibition stands in Europe.
Attention Grabbing
We tailor-make our custom stand designs to not just be visually striking but also relevant to have a lasting impression on your prospects. We blend creativity with functionality to create exhibition stand designs that are both eye-catching and purposeful. Our custom exhibition stand designs are constructed by expert exhibition stand designers to help you stand out from the competition. When you partner with Expo Display Studio, you choose engaging custom exhibition stand designs.
Diverse Utilisations
With years of on-field knowledge, industry experts build your custom stand designs across Europe. We ensure our custom stands cater for your brand requirements at the show. Whether you are showcasing large machinery, displaying food products, or conducting service demonstrations, our custom exhibition stands are designed to meet your brand requirements. Custom stands by Expo Display Studio help optimise your exhibition space in a brand-awareness-enhancing manner to maximise your investment.
Perfect Execution
Our custom stands manufacturing team is armed with the latest technology. We understand that a custom stand is the heart and soul of your brand representation at the trade fair. Therefore, your custom stand reflects the quality that shines through and is built to perfection to attract an audience. With Expo Display Studio by your side, you get custom exhibition stands that reflect your brand perfectly at the trade show.
Global Reach
We’re available all over the world!  Being international, we offer custom exhibition stand displays that can shine at any trade fair. Wherever your event takes you, our custom exhibition stand designing company is there to make your brand shine. Our custom exhibition stands are unique, transforming your exhibition space into your brand’s highlighting space. When you partner with Expo Display Studio, you get custom exhibition stands that captivate attention globally.
On-time Delivery
Being Europe's leading custom exhibition stand builders, Expo Display Studio takes pride in our commitment to punctuality. We assure you that your custom exhibition stand design will be ready to astound your audience precisely when you need it. Our custom exhibition stands to make a significant impression on your brand. Therefore, brands can trust Expo Display Studio to get their custom exhibition stand designs to meet their requirements on time.

What Distinguishes Us as Premier Custom Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe

Unmatched Creativity, Unmatched Excellence

Our custom exhibition stands are carefully designed for swift assembly and are built to withstand multiple uses. Our custom stand displays are engineered with versatility in mind, suitable for a myriad of applications across various industries. Whether you require expansive screens, exclusive meeting spaces, or innovative product displays, we can custom build it all for you. Our custom stand builders across all major European hubs can meet your expectations.

We offer a comprehensive full-service custom exhibition stand display package:

• We offer custom stand designs with installation, dismantling, logistics, and warehousing between exhibition shows. 
• Our custom trade show stands also include experiential marketing and brand activation to increase the footfall of your brand. 
• Being a total brand solution, Expo Display Studio ensures you save costs and valuable time at every step. 
• Our custom exhibition stands designers and builders allow you to focus on your core business, making your overall exhibiting experience worthwhile.

Elevate your custom stands experience with our exceptional offerings in custom exhibition stand services. Being an expert exhibition stand constructor company in Europe with nearly a decade of experience, we truly understand the market. Our company is well aware of the measures to take to succeed in an exhibiting an exceptional event.

Right from designing your custom exhibition stand to managing managing your brand’s successful showcasing, our incredible team of our exhibition stand builders is right beside you.

Ready to transform your brand's exhibition presence with custom exhibition stands? Contact us and let's craft brilliance together. Begin your custom exhibition stand journey with Expo Display Studio today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A custom exhibition stand is tailor-made for your brand, representing your business at the exhibition. It highlights your products and services, being specifically designed for your brand. Custom stands are completely reconfigurable, allowing you to present the very best version of your brand at exhibitions.

A custom exhibition stand contractor builds your custom exhibition stand after analysing your brand requirements from the display. The stand is made of the materials best suited to efficiently stand your brand out. It is configured to your requirements with lightweight frames for easy transportation and customised graphics panels secured at your desired location.

The cost of a custom exhibition stand is measured according to your requirements from your exhibition stands. Various factors should be considered when estimating your custom exhibition stand cost. The cost of your custom exhibition stand varies from custom elements within a customised structure to the venue of your exhibition.

A custom exhibition stand design can usually be completed within weeks; however, it takes several months to build the stand that attracts your target audience to your business.

A custom exhibition stand built by the leading custom exhibition stand contractors in Europe is enough to attract visitors to your exhibition stands. However, a few additional pointers to keep in mind would always add. Custom booth designs for your target audience enhance your brand with visually appealing graphics and interactive elements. You can offer giveaways to encourage visitor attraction towards your exhibition stands.

Of course! We can design your custom stands, taking your needs into account. With us, you can get a perfect custom exhibition booth design that brings your vision to life and custom exhibition stand designs that elevate your business to the next level.

Yes, our total brand solutions company offers to install and dismantle your custom booths at trade shows. Our team of excellent custom booth builders methodically sets up your custom exhibition stand before opening the exhibition doors. It stays with your brand until after the perfect exhibition experience to store away your custom stand.

We are an exhibition stand design company that stays on standby should you require any additional or last-minute exhibition stand services. Partnering with us is the best decision for getting custom-built exhibition stands that increase your brand reputation while giving you a team of experts who cater to your requirements until the exhibition door closes.

Yes, you can reuse your custom exhibition stand for multiple exhibitions or events. With little to no changes in your exhibition stand designs, you can elevate your brand awareness with our custom booth designs as per your requirements.

Hiring a professional exhibition stand builder is always a choice, but partnering with a custom exhibition stand builder would be a choice that works for you. With us as your custom exhibition stand builders, you get a memorable exhibition experience with the best custom exhibition stands for your exhibitions.


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