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Activating Outdoors: Be the limelight under the open sky!

Welcome to our world of outdoor brand promotion, where we transform open spaces into dynamic brand showcases with the help of outdoor active pop-ups. At Expo Display Studio, we understand that seizing attention outdoors is just as vital as it is within the exhibition hall. That's why, in addition to our renowned exhibition stand display services in Europe, we provide comprehensive pop-up activation outdoor promotion solutions to ensure your brand shines in the great outdoors.

At Expo Display Studio, we understand the pivotal role outdoor spaces play in connecting with your audience. Whether you're promoting at public places, festivals and concerts, or at street markets, our outdoor active pop-up brand activation services will captivate, engage, and resonate.

Explore Our Gallery of Outdoor Active Pop-up Designs

Come and check out our awesome gallery of small, medium, and large outdoor active pop-up designs, where creativity and functionality collide in the most jaw-dropping settings. Each active pop-up design is a testament to our commitment to delivering outdoor brand promotion experiences that seriously wow. From sleek and minimalist concepts to bold and vibrant installations, our Outdoor Active pop-up designs portfolio shows off the mad skills and innovation that define us. Whether it's a bustling city square, a chill park, or a banging festival, our Outdoor Active Pop-ups are where your brand's story goes next level. So, come along and join us in this visual journey where we're spilling the beans on the endless possibilities of outdoor promotion and brand activation.

Our Work
Experience Excellence in Outdoor Promotion with Brand Activation Leaders in Europe
Feather-light and Sturdy
When setting up for a school sports day or a golf event, you need your message to be front and centre. Outdoors, there's limited space for hanging colourful posters and banners, but our popup banners and outdoor pop-up activation come to the rescue. Unlike paper or card, which can be flimsy in harsh weather conditions, these outdoor pop-up activations are as light as a feather, yet surprisingly robust, capable of withstanding the elements with ease.
Versatile from Every Angle
Outdoor popup banners are a vibrant and versatile advertising medium. They can be printed on all sides and come in various shapes – oval, landscape, portrait, round, and even triangular. This versatility in outdoor active pop-ups ensures that your brand will stand out, no matter which shape you choose. Additionally, the double-sided feature allows you to promote your logo on one side and convey a different message on the reverse, making them ideal for outdoor promotions and events.
Cutting-edge Technology
We stay ahead of the curve with the latest in technology. Our use of state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, immersive experiences, and interactive solutions ensures your brand stands out in the open, embracing the future of promotion.
Whether it's a grand-scale product launch, a corporate event, or a public gathering, our outdoor brand promotion pop-up activation solutions seamlessly adapt to diverse settings and sizes. Your brand will shine regardless of the outdoor environment.
Measurable Impact
We understand that results matter. Our outdoor brand promotion campaigns are strategically designed with measurable metrics, allowing you to gauge the tangible impact of your outdoor promotion and brand activation efforts.
Global Excellence
Being brand activation maestros for outdoor promotions worldwide, we bring a wealth of cultural understanding and regional expertise to our pop-up activation campaigns. We know how to connect with audiences, ensuring your brand resonates deeply with the people of any continent, country, city, or region in the world.

What Sets Us Apart?

Simplifying Activation; Redefining Experiences!

Outdoor promotion is your gateway to engaging audiences, fostering brand recognition, and achieving results beneath the open sky. It's not just about visibility; it's about building unforgettable connections. Whether you're launching a product, strengthening brand awareness, or building connections, our active pop-up outdoor promotion services in Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Greece are designed to help you achieve your objectives with impact.

With a wealth of experience in creating immersive brand experiences, Expo Display Studio is your trusted partner for outdoor promotion with pop-up activation all across Europe. Our team of seasoned professionals understands how to bring your brand to life outdoors, aligning seamlessly with your distinctive identity and objectives.

Choose outdoor promotion brand activation services offered by Expo Display Studio in Europe and experience the difference first-hand. We're not just in the business of creating displays; we're in the business of crafting memorable brand experiences that resonate with your audience long after the event is over.

Compact, versatile, and attention-grabbing, our outdoor active pop-ups are the perfect tool to amplify your message. These innovative displays can be customised to fit your brand's unique identity and can be strategically placed in outdoor high-traffic areas for maximum visibility.

Elevate your brand's visibility, engage your customers, and drive results with our outdoor pop-up activation and brand activation services. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make a remarkable impression in the outdoor promotional landscape.

Excellence is what we deliver, both indoors and outdoors, with pop-up activations. Choose our brand activation company in Europe for remarkable brand experiences.

Embark on an extraordinary pop-up and brand activation journey with EDS.

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