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Establishing Brand Identities – Trade Show Booth Rentals 

Expo Display Studio welcomes you to our trade show booth rental services, where your brand will receive premier booth rentals that captivate the audience. Our rental booths bring a fortune of benefits for your brand's showcasing at your trade shows. We ensure your brand identity is memorable for your target audience. With Expo Display Studio as your trade show booth rental company, establish your brand with our top-notch, cutting-edge booth solutions.

As a brand-oriented company, we understand the value of establishing your identity at a trade show. Therefore, as a rental booth provider company, we offer various booth options in the catalogue for you to choose from. Our trade show booth rental company offers to put a spotlight on your brand with captivating rental booths for your trade show display. We provide a booth that resonates with your brand's aim, values, and goals. You can rely on our trade show booth rental company for rental booth designs that match your brand's aesthetics. Keep the conversation flowing with rental trade show booths by Exo Display Studio, acing your trade show experience. 

Our Booth Rental Services


 Various Designs:

Expo Display Studio is a trade show booth provider company for your displays at trade shows. We understand that with the need to be unique at every trade show, it becomes essential that you get a trade show booth rental company that can provide many design options. With our rental trade show booth options, we ensure that we exceed your expectations every time you rent trade show booths from us.

 Turnkey Solutions:

Our innovative rental trade show booth solutions provide a hassle-free experience at every trade show your brand attends. Our comprehensive rental trade show booths include constructive booth design with creative graphics and engaging displays that pop your brand out of the crowd. With our trade show booth rental assistance, your brand will have readymade solutions in the blink of an eye, appealing to your target audience in an unmatchable way.

Ephemeral Bliss

Our trade show booth rental company serves the one true purpose of rental booths by being efficient in terms of storage issues. Our rental booths make showcasing life easy, as they are built to impress and then removed from your responsibility. Our booths are built with stunning lightweight components for the eyes and are easy on the wallet when you need a short-term, convenient tradeshow booth solution for your display.

Flexible Options:

We offer a wide range of trade show rental booths, pre-designed to adapt to any exhibition space. Our pocket-friendly rental booth solutions will give your brand wings to fly high with influence in the trade shows. Our versatility in providing our clients with a range of rental trade show booth options, with different styles and layouts, reflecting your brand in its brightest colours at trade shows, helps raise your standards.

Management Support:

We provide our clients with on-site support for our rental trade show booths to prevent unwanted situations at the event. Our team provides seamless support from setup to completion of your trade show booth rentals so our clients can showcase their best at trade shows. Our clients can rest assured knowing Expo Display Studio has your back as we address your rental concerns and ensure your trade show's smooth running.


In today's era, buying a booth can be expensive, but with rental booth services by Expo Display Studio, it's not. Our cost-effective trade show booth renting service allows your brand to allocate its budgets efficiently. Our range of options for rental trade show booths caters to our client's needs to showcase at trade shows. With Expo Display Studio, your trade show experience becomes marvellous with our rental trade show displays.



Take the first step toward trade show success with our 12x6 stands. As your trustworthy partner, we cater to both newcomers and seasoned exhibitors. Count on our skilled team, backed by in-house manufacturing and printing, to bring your ideas to life.



Kickstart your trade show success with our 9x9 stands, designed to be the cornerstone of your exhibit. Whether you're new to the scene or a seasoned participant, rely on our expert team and our in-house manufacturing and printing capabilities to materialize your creative visions.



Ensure your trade show triumph with our 7x7 stands as the foundation. Regardless of your experience level as an exhibitor, we stand by you as your dependable partner. Let our adept team, supported by in-house manufacturing and printing, translate your ideas into tangible results.



Elevate your trade show experience by starting with our 8x8 stands. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned exhibitor, we're your trusted partner. Our skilled team, equipped with in-house manufacturing and printing facilities, is ready to turn your visions into reality.



Embark on a successful trade show journey with our 10x6 stands, where we serve as your reliable ally, catering to both newcomers and experienced exhibitors alike. Rely on our proficient team, backed by in-house manufacturing and printing capabilities, to bring your concepts to life.

Our Work
Innovative Designs
The rental trade show booth service by Expo Display Studio aims to offer you the best rental booths that uplift your brand's reputation at trade shows in Europe. Our years of experience in the exhibition field ensure your brand gets the best rental booth designs that reflect your business at trade shows. Our guarantee to spotlight your brand comes true with innovative rental booth designs that meet your brand requirements.
Convenient Booths:
Expo Display Studio provides booths that announce your brand at the trade show. With our trade show booth rental service, brands get one-of-a-kind rental trade show booths that adhere to their visions and convenience. Expo Display Studio ensures our rental tradeshow booths raise your brand's success rate at the trade show to the highest level. Therefore, we offer rental booths that are easy to operate and striking to the eye.
Qualitative Excellence
The definition of a perfect rental trade show booth is that it is built with materials that stand the rage of time. With rental trade show booth service by Expo Display Studio, our clients are assured of getting up-to-date booth designs with the latest technological advancements built with adjustable elements. Our rental trade show booth service helps your brand stand out at European trade shows with booths that reflect quality.
Flexible Rentals

Rental trade show booths by Expo Display Studio are the epitome of flexibility. Our rental exhibition stands can adapt to any trade show or brand theme, be transported to any location, and fit any booth size. Our booth rentals can be customised according to the brand's requirements. Trade show booth rentals by Expo Display Studio reflect your brand's message, being adjustable to our client's requirements for displaying at trade shows.

Our rental trade show booth service introduces you to all the newest booth designs and technologies within your budget. We provide cutting-edge service to our clients' potential brands without heavy-duty investments. Our rental trade shows are the best options if brands are looking for a phenomenal trade show experience with the best ROI. Our trade show rental booths ensure you are always one step ahead, saving time and storage space.
Client Satisfaction
Expo Display Studio provides rental trade show booths that divert the entire trade show audience's attention towards your brand. Our rental trade show booth service has an excellent track record of providing services that match the taste of our client's expectations. Our future clients can refer to the positive feedback of our trusted clients to stay assured that they will trade show booths that will reflect their brands' best interests. 
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