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Expo Display Studio is the name you need to know to receive total brand solutions at international trade fairs. We ace the race in the exhibition industry with stand designs that leave a lasting impression of your brand. Our exhibition stand designs are one-of-a-kind that fulfil all brand requirements. The brilliantly experienced team of Expo Display Studio critically analyses your business and crafts custom exhibition stands that stand out from competitors. Our experiential marketing and brand activation services make your business reach new heights. Partnering with us will get your brand the best recognition and growth. Contact us now to get the exhibition stand design of your dreams.


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Looking for a complete brand solution company in Europe? Expo Display Studio is here for you. We have expertise in offering end-to-end services in the exhibition stand design business. We handle every aspect of the exhibition stand design process. We are the leading exhibition stand builders in all the major European locations. We have a solid mark in cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, London, Barcelona, Stuttgart, Cannes, and Amsterdam.

With Expo Display Studio, you can sit back and relax. We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your exhibition marketing campaign. You know you get the best benefits when you choose us. Expo Display Studio gives you an all-round experience in brilliance.


Brand Activation

With our portable pop-up activation setups, we amplify brand resonance. Our portable stands are available as both indoors and outdoors. The stands are engaging, captivating, and effortlessly installed. They speak directly to your audience. So, you can relax and prioritise your brand’s marketing tasks. And we will craft the ultimate brand activation experience for you.


Experiential Marketing

We create spaces that are both functional and engaging. Our experiential marketing services redefine engagement through responsive environmental designs. The stands have interactive experiences using the latest AR/VR/AI-enabled stands. We keep up to date with the times so that you get the best of everything. Our stands range from experiential modular exhibition stand designs to immersive experience centres. We craft brand environments that resonate.

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Brand Activation
Experiential Marketing
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Your Complete Brand Solutions Partner at Trade Shows Across Europe

Expo Display Studio is not just an agency; we are your partner. We ensure the success of your exhibition experience and program. We craft an all-encompassing haven in exhibition stand designs. With 9 years of honed global expertise, we can proudly say that we know the industry inside out. We guarantee your brand’s success with our custom exhibition stands. Your visionary exhibition stand designs come to life with us. We make sure you have a successful exhibition experience. With us you are informed about everything so that you get enough time to inspect your exhibition stand design. Our motto is to stay focused and create you a stand that reflects your brand in its entirety. Our creative team of graphics ensures to paint the best picture of your brand through your booth’s graphics. Our experiential marketing and brand activation services help you gain returning and new clients. Your brand gets a quick accession with Expo Display Studio.

Our track record boasts successful exhibition stand designs and construction across Europe. What we claim is what we offer. In this industry, actions speak louder than words. We urge you to look at our work which speaks for us. Our brilliancy comes with our years of experience and the creativity of our team members. Our production facilities and executive teams for exhibition stands are in all continents. We are wherever you want us to be. Bring your brand to life with our brand activation, experiential marketing services and exhibition stand designs.

If you are looking for the best exhibition stand builders in Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands, and Spain, Expo Display Studio is at your service. The successful future of your brand is here.

All across our facilities in different regions, our four founding features remain constant:

  • Expertise: With over 9 years of experience in the exhibition stand contractor industry, we are the best exhibition stand builders across Europe. We are aware of all the elements it takes to create a successful trade show booth design. Our years of being the most reliable exhibition stand contractors make us aware of the tactful approaches to take to build brands a perfect trade show booth. So, you can trust Expo Display Studio from conceptualising, and installation, to dismantling and storage of your trade show booth
  • Integrity: With Expo Display Studio, you experience honourable work with your trade show booth designs. We commit to transparency and honesty in building your exhibition stand designs. We deliver what we promise exactly or more than what you envision for your trade show booth. Our work is our pride and it shows. Whatever we do, we make sure to stay connected with your team. With us as your trade show booth builders, you are never unnotified of anything. Our exhibition stand designs are built to impress.
  • Innovation: We always look for new ways to improve our exhibition stand designs. So, we are always equipped with the latest technology and trending interests in the trade show booth-building industry. Your exhibition stand designs are enabled with the recent AR/VR/AI to get the best response out of your target audience. Including modern-day technology in stand designs increases the audience’s interest in the displayer’s brand. Innovation becomes your brand’s key to success. Expo Display Studio brings the best out of your brand with immersive technological designs.
  • Service: We'll take care of everything about your exhibition stand design. Our trade show booth building services are top-notch, from conceptualising to installation and dismantling to storage. We use customised experiential marketing and brand activation to keep your brand in the spotlight. When brands partner with us, they are at ease, knowing they will receive the best trade show booth designs. With us, you can infinitely focus on your business marketing whilst we make your brand shine at the trade show, building the best stand design.
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We are
We are your creative exhibition partners who you can trust as the best exhibition stand builders across the globe.

We are a relevant global exhibition stand builder provider and a complete brand solution company. Expo Display Studio has been helping businesses across Europe, the USA, and the globe. We ensure that our clients experience spectacular custom and modular exhibition stands.

Having experience in exhibition stand design, we understand that every market is different. We have region-specific exhibition stand builders. We aim to live up to our client’s unique expectations. With the best people in the industry in our team, Expo Display Studio builds your brand into a booth worth of appreciation. We are a team of experienced designers and engineers. Our experience brings us knowledge of the times. We are aware of the tricks that bring treats. Your brand’s booth is handed over to experts of the industry. Being on the field for such a long time, we are experts in creating exhibition stand designs. We ensure that the exhibition stand design for your display reflects your brand. Every important detail of your brand is highlighted with lights and graphics. Our experience tells us the elements in your stand design that need highlighting so that your brand becomes the centre of attraction for the audience.


We make sure that your display stands out from the competition. Our team of project managers will work with you every step of the way. Our global influence comes into play here by giving ideas related to your brand from what works across the globe. With such a wide variety of ideas, you can choose or experiment with the design styles. You can try different styles virtually to see what works best for your exhibition stand design. Apart from looking at designs from around the globe, we also help customise elements that work best for you. Installing interactive elements, adds a bonus in attracting an audience. Our consistent branding helps reinforce your brand’s message throughout your audience.

We are with you from the stand design to installation, dismantling and storage to ensure that your exhibition is a success. Our high-quality materials make us the most sought after company for exhibition stand designs. Our work is the reason brands trust us with their exhibition stand designs. From exceptional designs to exceptional quality, our exhibition stand designs have the capability to withstand a world tour on its own.

At Expo Display Studio, we believe in creating connections for a lifetime. This is why our booths reflect excellence, and our wide range of options ensures that you keep coming back to us for your booth construction. We are committed to bringing your visions to life with our custom exhibition stands that reflect your brand’s identity to the top.

Expo Display Studio, the global exhibition stand builders and a total brand solution providing company, creates successful exhibition stand designs, pulling clients for brands. Our booths are capable of attracting, engaging and instilling. Take a step back, relax, and contact us for a relaxed experience of building the best exhibition stand design.


Modular Exhibition Stands
Elevate your brand presence with a sustainable and cost-effective booth from Expo Display Studio. Your modular exhibition stand is customisable, affordable, durable, easy-to-transportand assemble. With us, you have an eye-catching exhibition stand design. You get an all-rounder booth as your trade show booth display.
Custom Exhibition Stands
Expo Display Studio crafts experiences resonating with your brand. We create exceptional custom exhibition stands telling your brand’s story! Your custom booths are unique to your brand and maybe reused according to your convenience. We ensure your standreflects your brand's essence, creating lasting impact.

Experiential Stands
Expo Display Studio merges interactive with luxury in exhibition stand designs. With the help of customised experiential marketing, we include immersive audio-visuals, and futuristic tech, in your exhibition stand designs. This increases your clientele. We forge meaningful connections that elevate ROI and leave lasting impressions.
Responsive/Intelligent Environmental Design
Our specialisation in eco-friendly, immersive exhibition displays make us the company you seek for creating your exhibition stand design. Expo Display Studio aims to captivate your audience. Our AI infused booths respond to visitors' inputs. This helps in creating an engaging experience.
AR/VR/AI Enabled Exhibits
We use virtual and augmented reality technologies to give you the best we have to offer. We also include AI-enabled designs in your exhibition stand designs. We captivate the audience’s attention towards your booth. We aim to invite them to immersive experiences that redefine engagement.
Experience Centres and Branded Environment
Expo Display Studiodesigns your exhibition stand design with interactive spaces, and pop-up displays. Our spatial audio and immersive visualsattract audience. Our team of experts use your booth space well for everything looking aesthetically pleasing. We ensure an unforgettable multi-sensory journey for your audience.

Portable Stands
Your custom exhibition stand design are dynamically designed with adaptable layouts. It includes portable pop-ups to create a captivating identity for your brand. We make sure that your exhibition stand design engages your audience. Expo Display Studio promises to put your brand on the minds.
Indoor Promotion
Expo Display Studio helps you transform enclosed spaces into your live brand experiences. Our exceptional indoor promotion services elevate your brand by attracting clients. Deliver your brand’s message with our adaptable active pop-up stand designs. Make your brand the talk of the town with us.
Outdoor Promotion
Our outdoor promotional services are exactly what your brand needs for a boost. They are robust, water-resistant pop-ups that elevate your brand promotion. Expo Display Studio’s outdoor product displays and experiential campaigns help you remain stress-free. Our outdoor activations are also reusable and transport friendly.
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Let us help you create a stand that wows your audience

Full-Service Exhibition and a Complete Brand Solution Company
Clear view of your costs; nothing hidden
No surprises, no hidden fees. Our transparent pricing ensures that you know exactly what you are getting. With Expo Display Studio, budgeting becomes a breeze.
Conceptual stand designs reflecting your brand
Your brand’s essence is woven into every detail. Our concepts are curated to mirror your brand’s identity. With Expo Display Studio you forge memorable connections.
No stress; just our prompt support
Before, after, and in between, we’re here for you throughout the project. We provide timely responses to your queries. With us, you have unwavering support.
100% pre-built guarantee to ensure satisfaction
No guesswork. Our pre-built guarantee offers you a sneak peek. We ensure your exhibition stand design aligns perfectly with your vision before the curtain rises.
End-to-end project management
You can focus on your brand, whilst we efficiently handle the rest. From exhibition stand design creation to dismantling and storage, we handle every step.
Turnkey stand design and management services
We, your complete exhibition stand builder in Europe,are here. Our turnkey approach covers every facet. Expo Display Studio ensures every detail surpasses your expectations.
We love when our clients have successful shows.
We do it in 6 easy steps.
Creative Conception
The process of Expo Display Studio starts with a comprehensive briefing. We dive deep into your visions and goals. We'll also take into account the exhibition environment and the competition. We make sure that your stand design performs the best.
Designing Brilliance
Our team at Expo Display Studio seamlessly fuses creativity with strategic brilliance. We create visually appealing and functional custom exhibition stand designs. Our team ensures your booth reflects your brand. You can choose from our exceptionally-designed modular stand displays too.
Graphic Perfection
The graphic production stage is our playground. We add layers of colour, images, and typography to your exhibition stand design echoing your brand's heartbeat. This results in stunning and profound visual narratives of your brand in your exhibition stand design.
Meticulous Manufacturing
This is where dreams crystallize into reality. Our manufacturing process for your custom exhibition stands is meticulous and precise. We use the highest quality materials and workmanship for your exhibition stand design. We build your exhibitionstand design to last.
Pre-Build Test for Approval
We conduct a pre-build test to ensure everything is perfect before shipping. It's a thorough process to ensure the perfectness of your exhibition stand design. It guarantees an effortless transition for your booth from manufacturing to the grand event space.
Shipping and Installation
Expo Display Studio does the heavy lifting for you so you may remain worry free. The logistics are carefully handled by our seasoned professionals. From shipping to installation, we are your invisible hands behind your flawless exhibition stand design execution.
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