LogiMat 2024 is the leading Tradeshow for Intralogistics solutions and process management. It sets standards by being the most significant annual intralogistics exhibition in Europe. This leading international trade fair provides a comprehensive market overview and competent knowledge transfer.

LogiMat 2024 also enabled a discussion forum through sessions and briefings. This tradeshow was essential in broadening people's perspectives and channelling tech solutions to ensure the industry's smoother functioning. It even witnessed technology developments that can be further implemented with sustainability, bringing it to the show's central theme, "Sustainability-AI-Ergonomics."

The door opens to possible opportunities

LogiMat 2024, being the leading tradeshow and welcoming cutting-edge technologies for the IntraLogistics industry, will help attendees discover some of the hottest & latest trends and services along with groundbreaking innovations in all 11 categories with the dedicated area at the show floor.

•    Technologies for the transport and storage of materials
•    Marking and Identification
•    Bearings and equipment
•    Simulation software
•    File system software
•    Shipping and transportation software
•    Warehouse control and production/robotics
•    Warehouse management, inventory, and archiving software
•    Packing, weighing, measuring, shipping
•    Energy, environmental technologies, recycling, waste disposal, and many others.

LogiMAT 2024 hosted several value-added events and activities for all industry visitors, including a specialized trading chat marketplace, conversational trading forums, live demonstrations, and a comprehensive content program. Unique attractions that attracted many visitors included the Track and Trace Theater, the Load Securing Area, and the Best Product Awards Ceremony.

Why is Expo Display Studio the right choice for exhibitors in Europe?

Here are some Pros of choosing us as your exhibition booth designer company if you are showcasing in Europe:

1.  Dedicated Project manager for a seamless show floor experience.
2.  Dedicated Account manager to promote satisfaction and retention
3.  A dedicated planning and tech studio with a dedicated communication manager to understand your expectations closely.
4.  One-stop destination for all your Trade show solutions.
5.  As a tech-oriented creative exhibition booth designer company in Europe, we offer a creative studio and design manager to every Client.
6.  Our technology-infused experiential stands feature high-quality graphics that attract the best audience attention.
7.  We provide both On-Site supervision and Show-Site support for a smooth & hassle-free trade show experience.
8.  With EDS located in the City, we have our own production house and warehouse in Europe, which allows us to provide you with a look at the booth structure before the show, i.e., the Pre-show setup.
9.  With highly qualified and skilled industry experts, our team is familiar with all legal guidelines, rules and regulations in Europe.

Making an impression at the Stuttgart trade show can be difficult due to the enormous numbers that come each year; as a result, attendance is a significant problem. To succeed at the Logimat Stuttgart 2024 in Germany, you will require a framework to manage your marketing objectives and presentation. With Expo Display Studio by your side as a stand designer in Stuttgart who assists you in meeting all of your display objectives and handling challenging situations on the exhibition site, you always choose the most significant inputs and outputs to showcase your brand when you work with a reliable exhibition stand builder like us.

See how Expo Display Studio helped its Client achieve the utmost Satisfaction at LogiMat 2024 with its Innovative booth designs

• Turned Client’s expectations into reality – See what they have to say:

“With EDS, we could present solutions for our related industry, not just printers. With such a perfect booth design, we got a perfect tool to showcase our solution offerings, and we were even able to convey our brand message combined with the brand motto, value and mission and convey what our brand is all about. With a proper product display, we could display our solutions more attractively so that visitors can engage and look at our product offerings. The booth design even made us go more ecological, keeping in mind the mission of the show, i.e. Sustainability".

• With our innovative booth design, which gained a lot of attraction, we were even able to use other industry shows as valuable references.

• With crucial highlights of our booth design, we managed to increase footfall and enhance user engagement.

• We were even successful in maximizing our Clients' ROI, Making them feel satisfied with our key expectations for the show.

Know why 2024-2025 will be the trendsetter years in the show industry

LogiMat 2024 turned out to be the trade show exhibition of the year! With more than 300 exhibitors and 1200+ attendees, it again proved to be the most successful IntraLogistics management Tradeshow in Stuttgart, Germany, Europe. With so many exhibitors with different product solutions, we witnessed a new era of development and upgradation in the existing lines. Below are the key innovations we saw at LogiMat2024:

1.  Critical developments in intralogistics with robots, tyres and digital solutions.
2.  Innovations in Heavy-duty timing belts for automated storage and retrieval systems.
3.  Innovative new autonomous mobile cobot that can cover all the same areas as a human worker but with a greater payload capacity and reach, enabling a wide range of use cases.
4.  Manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment have announced many premieres focusing on robotics.
5.  We witnessed product innovations ranging from new robots for large e-commerce retailers to robotic solutions with AI-supported object recognition.
6.  The world premiere of an omnidirectional mobile platform robot guided by intelligent, AI-based fleet management software.
7.  A new lifting station for lightweight electric overhead conveyors is needed.
8.  A new end-to-end package of state-of-the-art assistance systems for drivers combines location—and event-based features to optimize ergonomics and workplace safety.
9.  We witnessed the world premieres of products ranging from a new (bar)code printer with an integrated barcode reader to the world's first single-sensor security barcode positioning system, innovative nestable stacking containers with Euro norm dimensions, and a new automatic box sealer never before exhibited anywhere else in the world.
10. Wide range of other new and improved solutions for streamlining and modernizing intralogistical workflows.
11. We witnessed the exhibitors of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), shuttles, cobots, and AMRs.

2025 will be a year of groundbreaking innovations in the intralogistics industry, with solutions showcased at LogiMat 2025

After a productive year and the end of LogiMat2024, we anticipate some cutting-edge breakthroughs and advancements in today's tactics and solutions. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in development and elevation techniques is the aspect that will be most anticipated.

Entrust your work with Expo Display Studio. You can always count on us to make an impression, stand out from the competition, and communicate your story with complete transparency, making you the most creative and dependable brand in the eyes of investors and attendees.

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