Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions in Stuttgart, Germany 2024 – 2027

Join the exhibitioners at Messe Stuttgart to witness innovations come alive

Messe Stuttgart, one of Europe’s largest exhibition venues that bring together people from all over the world to immerse themselves in the world of their industry. With its ideal location Messe Stuttgart is one of the more favoured places for industries to come showcase their products and services. Messe Stuttgart is an exhibition venue known for its hosting of industry specific exhibitions. Exhibitors and attendees can enjoy a stress-free exhibition experience at Messe Stuttgart with its commitment towards sustainability and staying economically advanced At Messe Stuttgart, the big names across industries come to attend their respective exhibitions, let’s take a look at some of them:


Step into the advanced world of machine vision with VISION 2024. The exhibition provides a clear chance to witness innovations of the technologies related to machine vision come alive. At VISION 2024, exhibitors and attendees share and learn insights of the key technologies involved in making the international trade fair of the machine vision a resounding successful exhibition. VISION 2024 is set to take place at Messe Stuttgart, the exhibition grounds that supports the technologically advanced trade fair on its grounds. All the interested people in machine vision can mark their calendar for VISION from October 8 to 10, 2024.


AMB 2024 is an international exhibition for the metalworking industry held at the advanced exhibition venue Messe Stuttgart. The exhibition attracts industry professionals, from suppliers to experts, to represent the industry worldwide at Messe Stuttgart. The metalworking industry gathers at AMB 2024 to learn and explore the various metalworking processes and the tools used to improve the efficiency of the industry. Exhibitors and attendees can explore advancements in all the industries utilising the metalworking industry. Save the dates to join the metalworking community showcasing its riches to learn about the essentials of the industry from September 10 to 14, 2024.


The geoinformation industry's most influential exhibition will take place at Messe Stuttgart. The exhibition venue is equipped with technologically advanced elements to support the hybrid exhibition, INTERGEO Stuttgart 2024, that showcases details of geographic information, geo data, and applications raising the industry's standards. Messe Stuttgart invites exhibitors and attendees to visit INTERGEO 2024 and grow their chances of networking in the industry. INTERGEO 2024 shapes the future of the geoinformation industry. Messe Stuttgart looks forward to welcoming visitors to INTERGEO 2024 from September 24 to 26 to keep you updated on the latest innovations and developments of the geoinformation industry.

Fastener Fair

Fix your schedule to meet with the manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers of the fastener and fixing industry at Messe Stuttgart, Germany. Fastener Fair Global 2025 is an international exhibition that happens every two years. The exhibition covers all the logistics and cutting-edge machinery used in the fastener and fixing industry. Messe Stuttgart attracts worldwide industry professionals at the Fastener Fair Global 2025 to exchange knowledge about the industry. The fastener and fixing industry come together to explore and improve the industry's strength. Learn all about the fastener and fixing industry from March 25 to 27, 2025, at Messe Stuttgart.


R+T Stuttgart is the central platform for companies to explore the latest advancements in roller shutters, doors/gates and sun shading technologies. The exhibition is a platform to exchange efficient solutions to perfect life indoors. R+T 2027 ensures that the spirit of sustainability and energy efficiency is captivated by extending the technical knowledge of the visitors to the exhibition. The international trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates, and sun shading systems aims to create a sustainable future together. Messe Stuttgart calls upon visitors worldwide to its exhibition venue to support the businesses of the field from February 15 to 19, 2027.

Messe Stuttgart – spacious exhibition halls for convenient exhibition experiences 

A dynamic performance provider, Messe Stuttgart, is the exhibition venue that joins hands with industries to promote them. Visitors at Messe Stuttgart are part of a beautiful exhibition experience when they come to one of the champions of hosting exhibitions. Messe Stuttgart is an exhibition venue that brings industries opportunities to grow their reputation by connecting with an interested audience that arrives at Messe Stuttgart. Exhibitors and attendees can remain stress-free at Messe Stuttgart as the exhibition venue is environment-friendly and practices sustainability to decrease its carbon footprint.

At Messe Stuttgart, some of the most highly anticipated international exhibitions are hosted as they are the “key to exhibitors”. The exhibition venue is an icon of efficiency. Therefore, Messe Stuttgart is an all-in-one exhibition venue providing a perfect experience.

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