Geospatial insights at INTERGEO Stuttgart 2024

INTERGEO 2024 is the leading platform for the geospatial industry to get inspiration to create a more intelligent world. Visitors can get educated about the latest trends and developments in the geoinformation industry from September 24 to 26, 2024, in the halls of Messe Stuttgart with INTERGEO.

About INTERGEO 2024 in Stuttgart

INTERGEO Stuttgart 2024, Germany, is the world’s leading trade fair of the geoinformation industry. It has become the most important international congress platform for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. It provides an exclusive platform for companies to showcase innovative solutions at Messe Stuttgart with INTERGEO 2024.

The exhibition event’s goal is to create a successful event together with the experts and innovators of the industry to pitch ideas for the betterment of the industry. Visitors can find the latest trends and developments in the geoinformation industry.

At Stuttgart, tradition and technology merge to become the breeding ground of pioneering ideas and technologies. Therefore, the city has become the best exhibition grounds to host INTERGEO at Messe Stuttgart, helping make the world a better place.

Why should you showcase at INTERGEO 2024

INTERGEO 2024 is a platform that discovers innovative solutions to strengthen companies in the geoinformation industry. Visitors can learn about the latest trends and innovations pushing the industry towards a sustainable future. 

•  One unique aspect of INTERGEO 2024 is that it is a hybrid trade fair. Therefore, visitors can attend the most informative event of the geospatial industry from anywhere. 
•  INTERGEO 2024 in Stuttgart embraces the concept of smart, creating a remarkable hybrid event. A hundred per cent attendance helps with most of the networking experience. 
•  INTERGEO Stuttgart, Germany, 2024, lends its platform to exhibitors from all over the world to be an influential part of the geoinformation industry.
•  Companies can present themselves with custom trade show booths to gain opportunities to push their brand forward at INTERGEO in Stuttgart, Germany. 
•  INTERGEO in Germany presents a wide range of solutions for the rising concerns of the geo field. 
•  The exhibition hosts discussion channels on global challenges such as climate crisis, urbanisation and securing resources. 
•  These discussions help us make better decisions to maximise our potential as inhabitants of the world. 
•  The INTERGEO Conference 2024 aims to develop informed decisions in urban planning, disaster preparedness, environmental protection and energy efficiency. 
•  The exhibition also hosts lecture programs about the industry's most important topic–the cartography range. 
•  The exhibition event also becomes an educational trip for the visitors as it emphasises holding conferences to teach the INTERGEO audience about the essential facts and figures of the world.
•  INTERGEO 2023 was a resounding success with over 17,000 visitors attending the international exhibition to be a part of the geoinformation industry
•  Nearly 800 worldwide exhibitors were welcomed at the trade fair to exchange knowledge in the geospatial industry at INTERGEO 2023.

INTERGEO Stuttgart plays an important role in introducing new-age technology from the industry experts for the business to explore the growth and developments of the geospatial industry. 

Partner with the best exhibition stand builders at INTERGEO Stuttgart

The city of Stuttgart lives and breathes technology, attracting the brightest minds to visit its marvels. Visitors get an informative experience just by wandering around in the city. Therefore, Stuttgart becomes the best ground to host the informative trade fair of INTERGEO Stuttgart, Germany 2024.

•  The exhibition halls are decked with industry insights that invite experts to exchange field knowledge. 
•  Exhibitors at INTERGEO 2024 in Stuttgart look forward to sharing exciting innovations through custom trade show booths. 
•  You have come to the right place to get such a booth that reflects your brand’s best interests. Expo Display Studio is the best exhibition design company in Stuttgart. 
•  We are an expert team who build the perfect exhibition stands for your showcasing at INTERGEO 2024. 
•  Brands can rest assured knowing Expo Display Studio will stand by your side to help highlight your brand’s contribution at INTERGEO 2024. 
•  Expo Display Studio builds custom stand designs that showcase your innovations with meticulous planning. 
•  Our expert team sits with you to learn about your vision and design a memorable stand. 
•  We are a local company based in Poland, so your brand can get an affordable exhibition that stands up to the mark. 
•  Our guarantee to connect your brand to your audience stands true through interactive stands that allow attendees to engage with your brand on a deeper level. 
•  We build visually impactful stands that minimise your carbon footprint, ensuring sustainability at every step. 

Brands can ahead of the competition, at INTERGEO 2024 in Stuttgart, with the best exhibition stand design company in Stuttgart by Expo Display Studio.

Get the best exhibition experience at INTERGEO Stuttgart

At Stuttgart, exhibitors visit INTERGEO to meet like-minded people from all over the world. The event brings together experts and professionals to share their insights and raise the standard of the field. Exhibiting at INTERGEO 2024 becomes beneficial to companies. Brands enjoy global visibility, showcasing their products and services to a worldwide audience at INTERGEO 2024. The exhibition aims to provide various solutions and products in the field, making it an exciting and enlightening trade fair.

INTERGEO Stuttgart welcomes exhibitors to get satisfactory results for your brand in the geoinformation industry. This hybrid extraordinary trade fair ensures you can grasp all the knowledge you seek about the industry at your own pace and comfort. Along with providing an exclusive platform for brands to showcase their innovations in the field, attendees can also learn about the methods to improve the geoinformation industry. At INTERGEO 2024, conferences and discussion sessions are held to discuss the significance of the confluence of the digital world and the geoinformation industry. Visitors learn about using the latest technology, such as geospatial applications and mobile mapping, to improve the functioning of the industry. Its workshops host live demonstrations focusing on offering productive solutions. INTERGEO provides an all-inclusive platform for exhibitors and attendees to create a prosperous future for the geoinformation industry. 

INTERGEO 2024 becomes the ultimate ground for creating successful stories for your brand. INTERGEO 2024 opens from the dates of September 24 to 26, 2024. Get visually appealing custom-built stands that speak for your brand at this year's geoinformation convention with Expo Display Studio at Messe Stuttgart for INTERGEO 2024.

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