SILMO Paris 2024

Visualise and live the experience at SILMO Paris 2024

The international optics and eyewear exhibition at Paris Nord Villepinte, France, called upon professionals worldwide to improve sight and accentuate the eyes. SILMO Paris becomes the focal point of the visionaries to join the essential development of the industry from September 20 to 23, 2024.

All About Optics and Eyewear at SILMO Paris 2024, France

SILMO Paris 2024, the optical trade show, brings the optics and eyewear industry to uplift visual health creatively. At SILMO Paris 2024, exhibitors find:

•    the future is technologically advanced
•    sustainability is essential for the development 
•    recognition, inspiration and enhanced creativity 

The SILMO Paris 2024 trade show envisions a visionary revolution. All participants in SILMO 2024 are contributing to developing an ecologically conscious future for the optical and eyewear world. 

•    SILMO Paris 2024, the international optics and eyewear exhibition, is an annual trade show hosted at Paris Nord Villepinte.
•    SILMO Paris 2024 ensures that each unique pair of eyes gets accessorised with specifics that elevate the visuals.
•    SILMO Paris 2024 is an exhibition that offers four days of visual excellence by calling experts and startups to showcase their brilliant innovations in the eyecare field. 
•    Brands worldwide will launch new collections at SILMO Paris 2024. When showcased at the exhibition venue, these collections help reinvent the brands’ names in the industry. 
•    SILMO Paris 2024 is a global platform that encourages growth and stability for companies in the optical and eyewear industry by allowing brands to stay informed about the industry’s latest trends.
•    SILMO Paris 2024 is known for supporting technological advancement in the optical and eyewear industry. Companies are encouraged to go above and beyond infusing technology with practicality. 

The initiative of SILMO Paris 2023 was to imagine a world with bright visions all around. Therefore, SILMO 2023 in France became a high-value trade fair for the optics and eyewear industry.

•    SILMO Paris 2023 welcomed more than 900 exhibitors.
•    SILMO Paris 2023 was the hub for discussing the optics and eyewear industry innovations for 42 countries.
•    SILMO Paris 2023 was the exhibition centre of around 1,500 brands to display their innovations, raising the industry standards.
•    SILMO Paris 2023 hosted over 30,000 visitors at the trade fair, which made it a vibrant exhibition.

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See the future at SILMO Paris 2024

SILMO Paris 2024 is an exciting trade show that welcomes professionals from the optics and eyewear industry worldwide. The exhibition aims to improve the industry’s future by welcoming thousands of exhibitors to share their insights and create an environment that intrigues the visitors of SILMO 2024 in Paris, France, to learn about the new developments in the industry.
Partner with Expo Display Studio for the best exhibition stands at Paris Nord Villepinte to participate in the spectacular optics and eyewear trade fair SILMO Paris 2024 from September 20 to 23, 2024, from 09:00 to 18:30 hours.

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