Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions in Essen 2024-2025

Rank Your Brand in the Top Upcoming Exhibitions in Essen

Essen, Germany, is home to the exhibition grounds that welcome creative innovations across industries. Exhibitions hosted at Essen brings together the industry experts, innovators and decision makers to help transform the industry for the better. Visitors worldwide attend the exhibitions at Essen. The exhibition grounds of Essen offer a welcoming atmosphere with networking opportunities and exchanging knowledge. With the best booth builders in Essen enhancing your brand image, find your industry showcasing in the city’s exhibition grounds with the top upcoming exhibitions in Essen:

Security Essen 2024

The civil security trade fair, Security Essen, covers the essentials of cyber security, smartphone solutions, travel security and special-purpose vehicles. Attendees at Security Essen look at the wide range of the industry, finding exact solutions under the vast topic of civil protection and defence. Innovations in providing security and emergency preparedness are some issues highlighted and provided solutions by the defence industry experts at Security Essen 2024. Over 17,000 visitors will attend the exhibition to witness the future of security technology brought to light by around 400 exhibitors from 36 countries worldwide. Broaden the scope of your company at Security Essen from September 17 to 20, 2024, at Messe Essen.

Vocatium Essen 2024

The exhibition focusing on connecting students with educational institutions and recruiting companies to improve their future is Vocatium Essen. The exhibition offers students career, academic, and volunteering choices, allowing exhibitors to interact with bright, innovative young minds. Vocatium Essen 2024 provides a platform for valuable information to be transferred from industry experts to the students visiting the exhibition. At Vocatium Essen 2024, students can find quality consultation sessions that help them make informed decisions. Around 80 exhibitors have registered for the exhibition to offer their benefits to the attending students. Exhibitors participating in Vocatium Essen 2024 can directly connect with students at Messe Essen from September 18 to 19, 2024.

Mode Heim Handwerk 2024

An exciting exhibition is taking place at Messe Essen. The impressive exhibition opens its doors to audiences in the culinary, fashion and lifestyle, sports, and creative industries. The exhibition aims to induce activity in the winter season. Mode Heim Handwerk 2024 is the exhibition that inspires the attendees and the exhibitors with such diverse industries exhibiting at the trade fair. Mode Heim Handwerk becomes the source of light in the dim of the winter. With the range of activities by the 400 exhibitors, liveliness and creativity bring back energy to the 30,000 visitors. Join the happy faces at Messe Essen from November 7 to 10, 2024, with Mode Heim Handwerk.

China HomeLife 2024

The Chinese manufacturers come to Messe Essen to connect with a national and international audience. China HomeLife Essen 2024 is an exhibition of multiple sectors that elevate lifestyles. From household items to electronics, clothing to furniture, toys to gifts and accessories to cosmetics, the exhibition offers informative insights and product displays that showcase quality. Consumers, business owners, and professionals will attend this exhibition for face-to-face interactions. The exhibition connects over 500 exhibitors to help attendees source the best materials, explore innovative ideas and engage in business connections. Enjoy the best exhibition to find the best of everything at Messe Essen from November 12 to 14, 2024, with China HomeLife Essen.


The horticulture industry turns Messe Essen green from January 20 to 31, 2025, with IPM ESSEN. The exhibition offers a productive ground for exhibitors worldwide to showcase their innovative products to grow the greens. The exhibition covers the production, technology, floristry and garden features for interested visitors to look at the technology growing the plants. The trade fair showcases a variety of plants, from rare species to the plants seen every day. Professionals in the industry attend the exhibition also to discuss environmental responsibility for maintaining the health of the plants. Therefore, climate change and green practices are focused diligently at the International Trade Fair for Plants, IPM ESSEN 2024.

Exhibitions that Connect Brands to a Global Audience

Messe Essen is an ideal platform for exhibitors. The displayers can interact with a mix of national and international audiences, leading their business to boom to success. Essen provides a welcoming atmosphere to exhibitors and attendees alike. To get the best results at exhibitions, companies need the exhibition stand designs in Essen that fairly represent their brand and attract the best attention. Exhibitors can find the best trade show booth builders in Essen to help them ace their brand reputation. The exhibition halls of Essen are equipped to support the latest technological advancements so that exhibitors can showcase their brands and grow their businesses. Essen invites exhibitors to find exhibitions of their industry and showcase their innovations to the audience so that they can grow successfully.

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