SEMICON Europa 2024

The future is here – SEMICON Europa 2024


As an electronics industry exhibitor, SEMICON Europa 2024 is your most anticipated exhibition. It is the most significant exhibition in the electronics industry, opening its platform to all exhibitors to share their innovations and get a chance to power through sustainable growth. Experience the best of the electronics industry at Messe München from November 12 to 15, 2024.

The essential exhibition of the electronics industry – SEMICON Europa 2024

SEMICON Europa 2024 in Munich connects the best of the electronics industry to seekers of growth and prosperity. Industry leaders from across the globe come to SEMICON Europa 2024 in Germany to lead and promote the electronics industry towards its successful reign.

•    SEMICON Europa Munich promotes the electronics industry by welcoming worldwide innovations to be presented at Messe München.
•    The most advanced and innovative ideas in the electronics industry are a part of SEMICON Europa Munich 2024.
•    SEMICON Europa Germany is an exhibition that features numerous conferences and discussion opportunities with industry experts to elevate the electronics industry. 
•    SEMICON Europa München is the electronics industry exhibition co-located with electronica, making Messe München a solid ground of innovation in the electronics industry.
•    The SEMICON Europa conference invites industry experts to talk about their experience and expertise to elevate and add insights into the exhibition's audience.
•    SEMICON Europa Germany invites worldwide attendees to exchange ideas to promote the electronics industry.
•    SEMICON Europa Messe Munich significantly raises the spirits of the electronics industry by encouraging collaboration between exhibitors and experts.

SEMICON Europa 2024 welcomes the latest advancements in the electronics industry after the exhibition’s success last year. SEMICON Europa 2023 gathered the best of the electronics industry and encouraged discussions on critical topics. However, when we talk about the numbers, let’s look at the record-breaking attendance for SEMICON EUROPA 2023:

•    A total of 70,000 people attended the exhibition
•    Over 200 exhibitors were a part of the exhibition

All electronics industry enthusiasts participated in SEMICON Europa 2023 to materialise the industry’s success. The exhibition proved that the industry’s scope will be enhanced.

Join SEMICON Europa 2024 to witness the most extraordinary gathering of the electronics industry with innovations ready to take the electronics industry for a spin into greatness.

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SEMICON Europa 2024 in Germany


SEMICON Europa 2024 significantly contributes to the growth and development of the electronics industry. With ideas that power through the electronics industry, attendees of the trade fair can broaden their minds to learn all about the industry. SEMICON Europa 2024 appreciates the participants of the ready minds to power up the electronics industry with green innovations that mould the future, suiting the industry's needs. At SEMICON Europa 2024, exhibitors and attendees can participate in advances that move the industry forward. SEMICON Europa 2024 helps companies plan strategies that help provide strategies for the overall growth of the industry. Boost your brand recognition at the exhibition that unites the electronics industry from November 12 to 15, 2024, at Messe München, Germany.

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