Kind + Jugend

Kind + Jugend, Messe Köln, 2024

The Cologne Exhibition Centre will become the exhibition ground for the international children’s essentials and entertainment trade fair from September 3 to 5, 2024, with Kind + Jugend.

Leading trade fair of the children’s world – Kind + Jugend in Cologne

Kind + Jugend is the most important trade fair for high-quality infant and children’s products. Know all about the products that promise quality and safety for the little ones. The trade fair focuses on equipment that makes children’s lives entertaining. The exhibition event is about ensuring the kids live their lives, promoting the brands with the same mission. 
At Kind + Jugend 2024, visitors can find high-quality commercial and essential children’s products, making the event the most anticipated and exciting.

Gain insights and attendance at Kind + Jugend 2024

Kind + Jugend is the ultimate destination for the entire product-based industry for the welfare of children. From furniture to electronics, attendees of the exhibition event can find that make the children's world safely exciting. Kind + Jugend 2024 is the most awaited exhibition event for the entire industry. Exhibitors worldwide showcase their innovations to help provide new products and ideas to seekers for industry development. Kind + Jugend 2024 provides a platform for industrial experts to share their ideas and expertise in the industry. The event hosts talk shows and discussion sessions for experts to dive into the best ways to increase the industry's visibility. 

Visitors can gain from Kind + Jugend 2024 by getting in contact with the most influential retailers and getting products that make a difference. Kind + Jugend 2024 also provides a welcoming platform for start-ups to showcase their creative new ideas for the betterment of the industry. With a worldwide audience, Kind + Jugend 2024 helps increase brand sales. The exhibitors can network with buyers and decision-makers in the industry to help grow their brand.

Kind + Jugend, Messe Köln, happens once every year. If you’re still wondering about the results from Kind + Jugend, here are some encouraging numbers:

•    Kind + Jugend 2023 attracted over 15,000 global visitors at the trade show.
•    Kind + Jugend in Cologne 2023 offered its platform to around 1,000 exhibitors to present their innovations. 
•    Kind + Jugend 2023 hosted interactive and knowledgeable discussion channels for experts and startups of the industry to attend.
•    Upcoming trends of the industry were highlighted at Kind + Jugend 2023 to establish trends in the industry.

At Kind + Jugend, Cologne, brands are presented to receive the best brand awareness and make a lasting impression. Build your brand’s legacy by showcasing your innovative products at Kind + Jugend Germany 2024.

Expo Display Studio for Kind + Jugend 2024

Kind und Jugend 2024, Germany's leading trade fair that focuses on the well-being of children, calls upon brands to showcase their products that help redefine trends in the industry sustainably. At this exhibition event, exhibitors from all around the world join to gain and give insights into the industry.

•    Kind + Jugend, Messe Köln, 2024 provides an opportunity for brands to showcase their best contributions to attract attention and rise to the top. 
•    To get the best results from the most important trade fair for the children's essentials, Kind + Jugend, brands must partner with the best exhibition stand builder in Europe. 
•    With their years of experience in the field, Expo Display Studio helps you get the best brand awareness at the leading trade fair in innovations for the baby world. 
•    You have come to the right place if you need the best exhibition services for your display at Kind + Jugend 2024. Expo Display Studio builds custom exhibition stands for your brand that engage visitors to interact with your brand. 
•    In-depth planning by Expo Display Studio helps design and build trade show booths that stand you out affordably for Kind + Jugend 2024. 
•    Expo Display Studio is a local company based in Poland that offers creative trade show booths within your budget at Kind + Jugend 2024. 
•    Our booths are functional and attractive, supporting your brand showcasing at Kind + Jugend Cologne 2024. 
•    The expert team of Expo Display Studio creates booths that maximise audience flow making your brand the star of the show at Kind + Jugend in Cologne.

Expo Display Studio has around a decade of experience in the trade show booth building business. We use interactive experiences for your stands at Kind + Jugend 2024 that help create memorable experiences. Our designs communicate your brand's story with your audience. We design and build exceptional stands that help you stand out. With Expo Display Studio as your exhibition partners, you can relax knowing you will get the best exhibition stand at Kind + Jugend 2024.

Kind + Jugend dates at Messe Köln 2024

Kind + Jugend, Messe Cologne, 2024 is an essential place for exhibitors looking for an excellent opportunity to build their brand in the kids' sector. The exhibition focuses on innovative products that make life easier. From technology-infused products that teach and entertain, Kind + Jugend 2024 presents innovations to save space and time. The exhibition showcases all the current trends in multifunctional children's products that are impactful, easing time and effort. The exhibition event is for exhibitors who want to grow their business in the kid's accessory and essentials sector and the audience who want to know all the products that significantly impact their lifestyle for the better. 

Join the Cologne Exhibition Centre from September 3 to 5, 2024, with Kind + Jugend 2024 to explore the world of impactful products that lighten up the world of the little ones.

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