ICE Barcelona

Get Ready for the Best and More of Gaming at ICE 2025

Join the most prominent exhibition grounds of Spain, Fira de Barcelona, from January 20 to 22, 2025, from 09:00 to 17:30 to be a part of the most extensive gaming exhibition, ICE 2025.

ICE Barcelona 2025 – The Perfect Platform for the Gaming Industry

The evolution of gaming takes place at the ICE trade fair 2025. Visit Spain's biggest exhibition grounds to stay updated and showcase brilliant gaming products and services.

•    ICE is hosted in Barcelona for the first time since its establishment in London. The organisers hope to find a brilliant opportunity for growth for the exhibition and the brands showcasing on its platform.
•    ICE 2025 in Barcelona offers compelling reasons for the gaming industry to visit the exhibition. At ICE Expo 2025, the gaming industry's operators and suppliers meet to discuss its further growth.
•    ICE 2025 in Spain is a one-stop exhibition for all things in the gaming industry. Exhibitors can get valuable insights and innovative solutions from industry experts. 
•    The ICE trade fair 2025 provides exclusive access to cutting-edge technologies and innovations in gaming. Make your business successful at the largest gaming exhibition at ICE Barcelona, Spain.
•    ICE 2025 in Barcelona gathers the gaming industry for three consecutive days to find it all. The exhibition provides an excellent platform for industry experts and professionals to discuss their insights and experiences to improve the gaming industry.
•    At ICE 2025, exhibitors can showcase their latest products and services to an interested audience.
•    ICE Barcelona 2025 in Barcelona offers networking opportunities for exhibitors to connect with experts and potential partners.
•    ICE 2025 also provides insightful sessions with conferences and discussion channels about industry updates and innovations.

ICE 2025 Spain is a dynamic exhibition that connects the gaming industry. Based on its numbers over the years, the exhibition is expected to be a raging success.

•    Over 40,000 attendees are expected to attend ICE 2025 in Barcelona. 
•    ICE London 2024 witnessed over 7,000 unique attendees, and its next location, Barcelona, in 2025, is expected to attract more first-time visitors who will become regulars.
•    More than 600 exhibitors will showcase their innovations at ICE Barcelona 2025, making it one of the biggest exhibitions in the gaming industry.
•    Over 35,000 industry specialists will attend ICE 2025 in Barcelona, where they will share their insights into transforming the gaming industry.
•    Participants from over 75 countries will participate in the exhibition to transform the gaming industry with ICE Barcelona, Spain.

Exhibition Stand Designs in Barcelona by Expo Display Studio for ICE 2025

Exhibition stands by Expo Display Studio, which is an excellent way to grow your business at the ICE Barcelona 2025 trade show.

•    Expo Display Studio is the exhibition stand design provider in Barcelona that offers a range of exhibition stand services to help your company excel at ICE 2025.
•    We are the exhibition stand designers who provide the best exhibition stand design in Barcelona to attract the best attention at ICE Barcelona 2025.
•    Expo Display Studio stays informed about the latest developments in the exhibition stand-building industry, infusing our clients' exhibition stands with the latest and best technology.
•    We specialise in creating exhibition booths that optimise your exhibition space. We use virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a memorable exhibition experience.
•    Expo Display Studio is known for creating sustainable exhibition stands with materials that minimise the carbon footprint. We personalise your exhibition stands with elements that engage with your target audience whilst being environmentally conscious.
•    We are the most sought-after stand builder for exhibitions in Barcelona. Our exhibition stand designs in Barcelona are unique and eye-catching, incorporating eco-friendly practices and multi-sensory experiences.
•    Expo Display Studio ensures your brand message is spread with quality exhibition stands, providing the best ROI at ICE 2025 in Barcelona.

Create a memorable experience with exhibition stands by Expo Display Studio for the ICE Barcelona 2025 trade show.

Highlight your brand at ICE Barcelona 2025

ICE Barcelona is going to be one of the largest exhibitions in the gaming industry. The one-stop gaming exhibition provides a platform for making connections and staying up-to-date with the industry. Look no further than Expo Display Studio for an exhibition experience of a lifetime.

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