Dedicated Space for Uplifting Green Technology

Get ready for an influential transition towards sustainability at Rimini Expo Centre, Italy, from November 5 to 8, 2024, for the development of the green circular economy. 

The Green Technology Exhibition – Ecomondo 2024

An ideal universe is where nature and technology exist co-dependently and harmoniously. Ecomondo 2024 aims to build a world like that. Virtual-real interaction is evidently essential for the existence of the new-age man. The exhibition aims to create an initiative that helps people transform and enjoy their lifestyle.

•    Ecomondo 2024 is one of the most exhibitions to be held in today’s world.
•    Ecomondo 2024 in Rimini will host industrial groups, decision-makers, policymakers, opinion leaders, local authorities, and researchers at its expo centre in Italy.
•    Ecomondo 2024 in Italy defines the strategies needed to better the environmental policy for the European continent.
•    Ecomondo 2024 Rimini brings together all the management techniques for multi-disciplinary sectors such as agriculture, bioenergy, soil, transport, water and waste to bring progress to environmental services. 
•    Ecomondo 2024 Italy, the green technology exhibition, aims to clear the skies and the grounds by bringing innovative and progressive ideas from industry experts and start-ups.
•    Ecomondo 2024 is an exhibition that is growing in power to influence the world towards a sustainable future. Participating in the exhibition helps exhibitors get informed about the industry while meeting and forging new connections. 
Ecomondo 2023, the 26th edition of the trade fair, contributed significantly to diverting the world’s attention towards sustainability.
•    Ecomondo 2023 was a meeting ground for over 99,000 attendees from 120 countries worldwide.
•    Ecomondo 2023 hosted its platform for over 1500 companies to showcase their eco-friendly innovations for the betterment of the future.
•    The exhibition was an influential event, with over 200 events and seminars being conducted at Ecomondo.
Ecomondo thus becomes the pioneer of sustainability, encouraging start-ups and scale-ups.

Sustainable exhibition stands for the sustainable exhibition – Ecomondo

Companies and initiatives showcasing at Ecomondo must get exhibition stands built by the exhibition stand builder in Italy that take care of their carbon footprint. Expo Display Studio, the trade show booth builder in Italy, shares the exhibition’s goal, which is sustainability for a better future.

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•    Expo Display Studio, a total brand solutions company, designs the highlighting features of your exhibition stand with energy-efficient lighting to minimise power consumption.
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•    Choosing Expo Display Studio as your trade show booth-building company in Italy yields you the best exhibition stands for Ecomondo 2024.
•    The trade show booth builder in Italy, which adheres to the significance of efficiency, has become the best choice for companies and initiatives at Ecomondo 2024.
•    With a range of exhibition stands available—custom, modular, rental, and hybrid—exhibitors make the right choice when they partner with Expo Display Studio.
•    Expo Display Studio is the exhibition stand builder in Italy that ensures exhibitors get the best eco-friendly trade show experience at Ecomondo with our exhibition stands that can do it all.

The creative team of Expo Display Studio has been in the exhibition industry for some time, which allows us to build exhibition stands that reflect brands’ visions in the best ways possible. Expo Display Studio knows more about the updates in the exhibition industry; thus, we design and build better trade show booths.

Ecomondo 2024 in Rimini, Italy

The Ecomondo 2024 dates begin from November 5 to 8, 2024, for industries to join the green revolution transforming the EU environmental policy. The exhibition, which provides pioneering ideas for addressing issues and turning waste into resources, comes to the Ecomondo 2024 venue at Rimini Expo Centre, Italy. Get the most out of green business and networking at Ecomondo 2024, making an informed choice to contribute to the better of the environment. At Ecomondo 2024, attendees can learn about the sustainable alternatives that help maintain the decorum of the ecosystem. 

Explore the best of sustainability at Ecomondo 2024 from 08:00 to 18:00 at Rimini, Italy.

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