Upcoming Exhibitions in Dortmund – 2024

Engage your Senses at Messe Dortmund

Dortmund is an ideal city for exhibitions. With its support for innovations, Messe Dortmund has become the backbone of success for Dortmund exhibitions. The Dortmund exhibition venue is the perfect location for exhibitions as Messe Dortmund passionately supports and hosts them. Countless national and international exhibitions become a part of Messe Dortmund, as the exhibition venue is more than just a platform for their showcasing. At Messe Dortmund, exhibitions can find state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies that allow them to put on a grand show. The Dortmund Exhibition Centre hosts some of the best exhibitions. Take a look at the best upcoming exhibitions in Dortmund:

InterTabac and InterSupply 

The dual exhibition is the largest trade fair in the tobacco industry. Visitors are exposed to all the tobacco products and smoking accessories at the trade fair duo InterTabac and InterSupply at Messe Dortmund from September 19 to 21, 2024. Industry leaders and experts from all over the world are a part of this dual exhibition to help grow the businesses that are part of it and contribute to its development. Exhibitors can make informed decisions to grow their business in the field with insights and involved discussions hosted by the exhibition duo, InterTabac and InterSupply. Experience the best of the unique opportunities the dual exhibition at Messe Dortmund provides.


The international exhibition of farming encouraging vertical farming comes with Vertifarm 2024. The exclusive focus on indoor farming at Vertifarm 2024 gives a new meaning to innovative farming. One of Germany’s most modern trade fairs is hosted on the trade fair grounds of a modern and supportive exhibition venue, Messe Dortmund, from October 8 to 10, 2024. Vertifarm 2024 focuses on all the aspects of supporting vertical farming. Visitors can find everything from a controlled environment to plant production and protection at Vertifarm 2024. The exhibition Vertifarm 2024 calls upon exhibitors from every stratum of the industry, from well-known companies to innovative start-ups, to help the farming world move forward.


Messe Dortmund is set to welcome beauty professionals worldwide to attend COSMETICA 2024. The exhibition displays a wide range of products from beauty industry brands. COSMETICA 2024 offers intimate discussions with experienced trainers of the beauty industry for visitors to expand their skills and knowledge. Visitors can also learn from the biggest names in the industry, which provide extensive knowledge and experience to help outline your successful journey perfectly. The exhibition hosted at Messe Dortmund helps visitors find their way to exciting exhibition stands to decorate their understanding of the industry. Join the beauty industry exhibiting excellence from September 7 to 8, 2024, at the finest exhibition venue, Messe Dortmund.


Join the most sustainable exhibition with SOLIDS & RECYCLING-TECHNIK 2024 to learn all about the processing, analysing, handling and storing of diverse solid materials. The environment-friendly exhibition provides solutions that enhance the recycling industry. The interdisciplinary exhibition of bulk solids and recycling technologies takes place at Messe Dortmund, providing a platform for interested visitors to connect and immerse themselves in the technologies that help to form a progressive world.

SOLIDS & RECYCLING-TECHNIK 2024 puts forth pioneering technologies for visitors to gain insights about the latest industry topics, trends and innovations. Get ready to witness international sustainable empowerment with cutting-edge technologies from October 9 to 10, 2024, at Messe Dortmund, Germany.


Elektrotechnik 2025 is an exhibition that attracts the electrical industry to the perfect platform for discovering and understanding the industry’s cutting-edge technologies. Elektrotechnik 2025 ensures a fool-proof optimisation of the electrical industry with experts talking about the latest trends, innovations and industry-specific developments. This information is duly utilised by the exhibitors and attendees of the exhibition to grow their business and further their knowledge about the industry. Elektrotechnik 2025 is a significant exhibition that focuses on the development of the electrical industry. Elektrotechnik 2025 is held from February 12 to 14 at the most technologically advanced exhibition venue, Messe Dortmund, supporting and reflecting the industry’s full potential on its grounds. 

Messe Dortmund – dynamically benefitting exhibitions and industries

As an exhibitor, you need an exhibition centre that enables you to showcase your brand’s vibrant colours to attract as much attention as possible, fulfilling your sales goals. As an attendee, a perfect exhibition centre offers facilities that streamline your exhibition experience. At Messe Dortmund, exhibitors and attendees can enjoy their exhibition experience as the exhibition venue provides all the essential services. The dynamic trade fair grounds become exhibitors’ and attendees’ strength, becoming their support system. Messe Dortmund calls upon all industries worldwide to come and be a part of a prosperous exhibition experience world. 

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