Transforming Brands With X Factor Custom Booth Designs

Transforming Brands With X Factor Custom Booth Designs

With its profound expertise and industry knowledge, Expo Display Studio transforms your custom trade show booths into tangible realities. Our commitment to excellence and ability to integrate eminent build quality with creativity and technology sets us apart. We aim to build engaging and custom-designed trade show booths while considering your objectives and limitations.

you want to increase your sales lead, host clients, launch or display your offerings and solutions, or enjoy good media coverage, our skilled professionals and industry experts are here to meet your goal and help you get there.

With Expo Display Studio, you can rest assured that your trade show experience will be stress-free. Our commitment to delivering excellence, our rules and regulations-driven policies, and our quality standards of work are all designed to make your journey with us as smooth as possible!

At Expo Display Studio, we don’t just create trade show booth designs; we create experiences. Our booth designs are infused with technology and creativity, speaking volumes about your brand and engaging your audience uniquely. We are the pioneers of futuristic visualisation.

Know why you should choose us?


1. In-house production and warehouse:

With our in-city and in-house production and warehouse, we handle every aspect of booth construction in detail and under supervision, ensuring top-notch booth quality and a stunning result without relying on any third party.

2. No language barriers: 

Our team of experts is all accomplished with the local languages to provide hassle-free, smooth navigation of the diverse European regulations, ensuring no barrier conversations.

3. 360-degree service excellence: 

As a total brand solutions creative tradeshow booth design and builder company, we handle everything carefully and deliver service excellence with top-quality results, from conceptualising and designing your tradeshow booth to delivering post-show services, such as dismantling and shipping.

4. Total Brand Solutions: 

We are your one-stop destination for all your trade show needs and brand solutions. We aim to convey your brand’s perspective through visual narratives and experiential booth designs infused with technology in sync with creativity.

5. 1000+ booth design ideas: 

We have a vast catalogue of pre-crafted booth designs, which you can customise according to your needs and the brand’s requirements. 

Our trade show services are tailored to the specific needs of brands and shows. We specifically focus on delivering you a stress-free trade show environment and journey. Right from consultation, designing, exhibition stand graphics and pre-setup service to shipping, assembling, on-site installation and dismantling your stand after the trade show is concluded, we offer you end-to-end project management services and show services (services provided during the trade show) to make sure your trade show experience becomes memorable with EDS and your brand maximises it’s ROI making your trade show investments profitable. 

Let us now dive deeper into what we have in the box to offer you for excellent service delivery


1. In-depth knowledge: 

Understanding the intricacies of booth designs helps us build the best custom trade show booths. Our connection with global networks and dynamic industries ensures an effective custom trade show booth for your display at your trade show.

2. Integrated designing: 

The booth design is the decisive factor in a trade show stand. Therefore, a dedicated in-house team of 3D exhibition stand designers work vigorously and tirelessly to create a design that can outshine other regular exhibition stands and speak for itself and the brand, bringing the spotlight and attendees to your floor.

3. Creative approach:

Custom trade show booths are a standout feature for your brand at a trade show. We are experts in conceptualising and designing your booth so that your display mesmerises your target audience.

4. In-house manufacturing:

 With our in-house manufacturing and printing abilities, we aim to reduce reliance on third parties for such integrated and detailed work. This culture enhances our desire to deliver excellence seamlessly as a high-quality trade show booth.

5. Integrated Futuristic technology:

Not just regular exhibition stands, with Expo Display Studio, you can get your booths customised to high-impact technology booths integrated with either of the elements, anamorphic walls, led video walls, led panels, immersive displays, AI, AR/VR, interactive displays, digital kiosks and digital product display. Customising your booth from a regular trade show booth to a technological one will only increase your engagement and enhance your brand’s perception in viewers’ eyes, bringing you to everyone’s notice.

6. On-site supervision:

Our custom trade show booths come with a guarantee from us that we will stay by your side throughout the exhibition. With our dedicated project manager providing on-site supervision, brands don’t have to worry about last-minute challenges bothering them.

7. Pre-show setup: 

What’s better than looking at your exhibition stand design for the first time at the trade show? Isn’t it getting a look at your vision to come alive before the trade show! With Expo Display Studio, brands are guaranteed a booth view before the show. Our creative team designs and builds your booth per your requirements to please your eyes first, then your audiences at the trade show.

8. Logistics & storage support:

With our in-house production and manufacturing, we even have our logistics transportation fleet, i.e., shipping, allowing us to deliver unparalleled logistics support and secure delivery of trade show booths to their venues.

9. Show service: 

24/7 support is available during the show in case of an emergency. From small errands to technical support and last-minute changes, we are here to assist you.

10. Graphics & Printing: 

We offer an in-house graphics team that creates visually appealing, eye-catching, high-quality graphics to pull the crowd to the show floor. Our exceptional printing quality gives you an edge over competitors.

Take Over the Exhibition show floor in Europe with Our Unbeatable presence!

Marking our footprints across trade shows, Expo Display Studio deeply understands Europe’s exhibition industry. With a robust network across the continent, we ensure assistance and seamless accessibility for your trade show booth needs.

Through our extensive European influence and in-depth knowledge of local trade show standards, rules and regulations, and trade show practices, we aim to craft a city-specific booth design per industry standards.

Collaborating with Expo Display Studio for trade shows in Europe means being entirely in charge of every detailed aspect of your trade show stands, from concept and design to the post-show services we offer. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals, well-versed in the necessary knowledge, aim to create a booth design that meets your expectations.

Learn more about our seamless and stress-free work process:


1. Briefing of the Design:

Initially, we start with a deep and thoughtful conversation to understand the requirements, needs and areas of specific observations or areas that need to be displayed or highlighted. Then, we move forward to understand the message you want the booth to convey to your audience. This step ensures that the design we are about to prepare aligns with your goals and objectives right from the start.

2. Conceptualisation & Designing:

Counting on our dedicated and skilled team of designers, we then create a customised 3-D stand design while not forgetting to implement your inputs and areas of specific requirements. We then refine the design with feedback to reflect your brand’s essence and vision. With such a collaborative process, we ensure our design matches your expectations.

3. Contract & Deal closure:

Our core value of keeping things transparent with our clients will reflect in the contract, specifying every bit and detail of the project, from specifications to timelines and costing, ensuring that clarity remains constant between both parties with proper understanding at all steps.

4. Graphic Printing & Fabrication: 

Whenever an attendee walks past your trade show booth, the graphic is the first thing their eyes capture. Graphics are the most essential element of the booth design, so having high-quality, impactful graphics helps catch more attention and grab the necessary spotlight. At Expo Display Studio, we craft high-impact, visually appealing graphics that resonate with your brand’s message and identity. 

Our graphics are crafted on high-quality reusable fabrics, promoting sustainability in each of our booth designs. Our dedicated and skilled graphics production team guarantees seamless integration of graphics with trade show booth designs.

What’s the difference between you and the rest of the world?

If you have been a part of the exhibition industry for a long time, you are well aware that constructing a custom trade show booth is not a task for just anyone. And if you are new, you must have done your research. A significant difference exists between providing a service and standing on the claims. With Expo Display Studio, experience a remarkable journey and steal the spotlight with custom trade show booth designs that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Learn how to get the same with our free one-on-one design consultation today!

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