The Leading Print and Media Expo: Drupa

The Leading Print and Media Expo: Drupa 

The most significant international trade show for the printing industry. Drupa, the world’s leading print, packaging, and cross-media solutions platform, attracts global audiences, presenters, and exhibitors.

Overview of the Virtual Drupa 2021

While the global pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2021 Drupa, the world’s premier printing technology trade fair, organisers are keeping the industry connected. The next in-person event remains on track for May 28th to June 7th, 2024. In the meantime, a virtual event, “virtual drupa,” took place from April 20th to 23rd, 2021. This online event aims to bridge the gap and maintain industry momentum.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Drupa 2021 became a landmark virtual event, showcasing the printing industry’s remarkable resilience and adaptability. It proved that innovation and collaboration can flourish even in unprecedented circumstances.

Overview of Drupa 2024


What to Expect

At Drupa 2024, you can expect to see the latest innovations in commercial printing, packaging production, and industrial printing. Automated workflows, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and environmentally friendly technologies will likely dominate the show floor.

Who Will Be There

Significant brands like Heidelberg, Komori, HP, Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, and Ricoh typically have a massive presence at Drupa. In addition to the big names, Drupa attracts hundreds of smaller companies showcasing niche products and services. No matter what area of printing you’re in, you’ll find relevant exhibitors at Drupa.

Why You Should Attend

There are several reasons for going to Drupa 2024:

• Watch the newest tech in action. There’s nowhere better to see the newest presses, inks, substrates, and software up close and personal.
•Forge worthwhile alliances. Essential figures from all facets of the printing business come together at Drupa. Make the most of this chance to connect with possible customers, partners, and collaborators.
• Acquire a competitive edge. Attending Drupa will provide you with direct experience with the newest technology and insights to assist you in making critical business choices that will give you a competitive advantage.
•Get motivated. Being surrounded by creativity and knowledge might inspire fresh ideas for your company. Allow Drupa 2024 to spark your imagination!
Drupa 2024 looks promising for those involved in industrial printing, packaging, or commercial printing. Make sure you put this fantastic chance to learn, interact, and be inspired on your calendars.

Key Developments and Announcements So Far

Thus far, the Drupa team has revealed several intriguing new elements for the 2024 exhibition. An improved online encounter. Drupa 2024 will have an enhanced virtual component with live streams, on-demand material, and virtual meeting opportunities in addition to the physical event. Thanks to this, those who cannot come in person will still be able to participate virtually.
With a concentration on omnichannel retail and e-commerce, Drupa 2024 will include solutions for an omnichannel consumer experience, social commerce, live streaming, and more in light of the constantly expanding e-commerce market. Anticipate to observe the newest developments in this field as retailers worldwide search for methods to provide captivating buying experiences across channels.
They are highlighting sustainability. Sustainability will be emphasised across the print and packaging industries at Drupa 2024 in keeping with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility in business. Using environmentally friendly substrates and inks as well as streamlined, effective processes, participants will learn how to create supply chains that are more environmentally friendly and less harmful to the environment.

What to Expect at Drupa 2024

While Drupa 2024 is still a few years off, suppliers and printers have already begun preparing for what promises to be a fantastic exhibition. Drupa, the world’s premier trade show for print and cross-media solutions, seeks to spark fresh thinking and provide insight into the future of print.

Put Automation First

Due to labour constraints and narrow profit margins, print companies will focus heavily on technologies that may automate processes and save costs at Drupa 2024. The newest digital cutting and finishing developments, automated prepress, and end-to-end workflow software will be displayed. Additionally, robotics may arise, with cooperative robots assisting people in tiresome, hazardous, or challenging activities.

Individualisation and Tailoring

At Drupa 2024, technologies that allow mass customisation and personalisation will be highlighted again. Digital presses will boast how inexpensively they can print anything, from small batches to large volumes, with customisable changeable data. Finishing equipment will also focus on quick makeready techniques to create distinctive cut and folded pieces. 3D printing and printed electronics may provide opportunities for ever-higher degrees of customisation.


Drupa 2024 will undoubtedly give sustainability much attention, in line with industry developments. Waterless presses, low-chemistry printing plates, and biodegradable substrates are to be expected. Other vital concerns will include waste reduction and recycling. Attendees may anticipate an environmentally friendly event with lower energy use and carbon emissions and sustainable mobility alternatives, as Drupa strives to be a sustainability role model.

The next Drupa will provide a preview of the developments that will influence print in the future. Drupa 2024 hopes to stimulate fresh thinking that advances the sector by focusing on essential topics like automation, personalisation, and sustainability.
Drupa 2024 is a platform for exemplary business practices, innovation, and digitalisation. Print and packaging firms should attend what looks to be an intelligent, future-focused exhibition if they want to remain ahead of trends.


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